About Us

What traits do Zeis Group and its employees share? Here are a few we consider especially important.


Your staff won’t waste valuable time following up on the status of work with us. What we say we’ll do – we’ll do – period.


Thanks to our flat organizational structure, all team members have an understanding of how our various disciplines fit as part of a comprehensive effort – from print, broadcast, email and web campaigns, to SEO, social media, paid search marketing – and whatever tomorrow brings.


At Zeis Group, we excel at our jobs but aren’t afraid to be a bit offbeat. Each of us has an interesting hobby or a favorite silly “dad joke” or a treat we like to bring in for the office to share. Possibly the most important quality we do share, though, is that we enjoy working with each other – and with you – on your behalf.

These are just a few of the characteristics that create a win-win-win situation for clients, employees and agency. We hope you’ll have the chance to see how well Zeis Group works to deliver financial services marketing that works.

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